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  • Parkinson Voice Testimonial Video: Everyone heard me say 'I do.'
  • Parkinson Voice Testimonial Video: I now live my whole life with INTENT!
  • Parkinson Voice Testimonial Video: I can chase away bullies with my new voice!
  • Parkinson Voice Testimonial Video: Each day I gain more control, confidence and hope.
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10th Anniversary Video-Parkinson Voice Project's Inspirational Story

For 10 years, Parkinson Voice Project has specialized in restoring the voices of those with Parkinson’s.  We treat patients in our clinic, conduct research, and train speech-language pathologists in our unique therapy programs.



Pay It Forward
Parkinson Voice Project is a nonprofit that does not charge patients for its therapy services.  Since 2008, our program has been funded entirely through donations and the Pay It Forward concept. 
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