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Since 2005, Parkinson Voice Project has strived to make quality speech therapy accessible to EVERY person living with Parkinson’s. Our SPEAK OUT!® & LOUD Crowd® program saves the voices of those with Parkinson’s and minimizes swallowing complications.

Over the years, we have trained speech-language pathologists in our program. We have awarded grants to hospitals, universities, and clinics across the globe to make our program available to more people with Parkinson's... but it’s not enough.


Medicare restrictions, transportation issues, and physical limitations keep thousands of people with Parkinson’s from receiving speech therapy. Their voices are disappearing. Swallowing complications are leading to feeding tubes and life-threatening aspiration pneumonia.


As a result of the pandemic, medical professionals and patients have become more “tech-savvy.” We have discovered that online speech therapy is effective and convenient. Transportation challenges have been eliminated! The homebound can receive treatment! 

But what about Medicare and reimbursement issues?  People with Parkinson's need help with speaking, swallowing, walking, and balance issues.  They need ongoing speech therapy AND physical therapy, but there isn't enough Medicare funding to provide both.   


At Parkinson Voice Project, we have not billed Medicare or charged for our speech therapy services since 2008. This was never a barrier for patients treated at our clinic. And now that we can treat patients online, any person with Parkinson’s living anywhere in Texas can receive speech therapy from our Richardson clinic. Unfortunately, we are limited to only treating patients in Texas due to speech pathology licensing restrictions.


Parkinson Voice Project is going to replicate its program in every state across America. We will establish one “Therapy & Research Center” in every state. The Centers will provide BOTH in-person and online speech therapy. They will be able to treat any patient in their state, just like we do in Texas. They will be housed within University Speech Therapy Clinics. They will not bill Medicare. All speech therapy will be FREE for anyone with Parkinson’s or a Parkinson's-Plus disorder. They will conduct research. 

As soon as we raise the $20 Million, the execution of this project will be quick. We already have one-third of the Centers identified. Every person living with Parkinson's will have access to speech therapy!  


Parkinson Voice Project has never been in debt. We are a fiscally responsible nonprofit organization. We have a score of 100 on Charity Navigator.  Please review our profile.

To establish the 50 Therapy & Research Centers across America, we need to secure five years of operating expenses for our clinic in Richardson, Texas. We will also provide each new Center with $50,000 over five years. The total cost of this project is $20 Million.

Our Board of Directors, staff, and long-time supporters contributed the first
$8,226,550 to this campaign!  Will you help us reach $20 Million?