Have you considered including Parkinson Voice Project in your estate plans
to help people with Parkinson's improve their speech and communication?

Parkinson Voice Project is the only nonprofit organization in the world solely dedicated to preserving the speech and communication of individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Our goal is to replicate our SPEAK OUT! and LOUD Crowd program so that patients everywhere will have access to our highly effective and clinically-proven speech treatment.

Below is basic information about estate planning.  Please consult your attorney and/or financial advisor about your specific charitable goals.

Definition of a Charitable Bequest: This is a provision in a will, trust, or estate plan that allocates a gift to a designated charity. The most common gifts to nonprofit beneficiaries are cash, securities, and real property, including homes and personal property.

Many wills and trusts are written with language, such as the following example:
I give, bequeath, and devise the sum of twenty-thousand dollars ($20,000) to Parkinson Voice Project located at 646 North Coit Road, Suite 2250, Richardson, Texas 75080.

The most common gift amounts are usually stated in one of the following ways:

a.   A specific amount, such as the example above;

b.   A percentage amount, such as, “I give, bequeath, and devise ten percent (10%) of my estate to Parkinson Voice Project...”

c.   A remainder amount, also called “residue,” such as “After all specific bequests have been paid, I give, bequeath, and devise the remainder of my estate, including real and personal property, to Parkinson Voice Project...”

THANK YOU for reading this information and for taking time to consider including Parkinson Voice Project in your estate plans.

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