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The Only Nonprofit

When Parkinson Voice Project was founded in 2005, we were the only nonprofit organization helping people with Parkinson’s regain and maintain their speech and swallowing.  Patients’ voices were diminishing to a faint whisper. They struggled to manage their saliva. Feeding tubes and aspiration pneumonia were common.

Today, Parkinson Voice Project is still the only nonprofit preserving speech and swallowing in Parkinson’s. Our SPEAK OUT!® therapy program works. Voices are being restored. Swallowing complications are minimized. We are training speech-language pathologists in hospitals, universities, and clinics worldwide to make our treatment accessible to every person with Parkinson’s.

Legacy Society

The “Legacy Society” is a group of individuals who have included Parkinson Voice Project in their estate plans. Click on the box below to help Darrell and other people with Parkinson’s preserve the ability to speak clearly and swallow safely. 

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