SPEAK OUT!® addresses the motor speech deficits associated with Parkinsonism. The speech therapy program was specifically developed to be practical and efficient in order to comply with insurance limitations, productivity standards, and other administrative constraints. The program is based on the teachings of Daniel R. Boone, PhD, CCC-SLP, a world-renowned speech-language pathologist and voice expert, who recognized in the late 1950s that individuals with Parkinson’s could improve their communication if they spoke with “intent.”

SPEAK OUT!® combines speech, voice, and cognitive exercises laid out in a SPEAK OUT!® Workbook. This training course includes instruction on individual therapy, group therapy (The LOUD Crowd®), documentation, marketing, and Parkinson Voice Project’s music program.

Every speech-language pathologist who completes SPEAK OUT!® & LOUD Crowd® training, whether in-person or online, is entitled to receive a SPEAK OUT!® Therapy Kit as a gift from Parkinson Voice Project. In addition, Parkinson Voice Project provides SPEAK OUT!® Workbooks to individuals with Parkinson’s being treated by SPEAK OUT!® Providers. International shipping fees apply for therapy kits and workbooks. There are no certification or renewal fees associated with SPEAK OUT!®

*The online course must be completed within 30 days of registration.
*Only licensed speech-language pathologists can be listed as SPEAK OUT!® Providers on Parkinson Voice Project's website.

Participants are required to complete all sections of the SPEAK OUT!® & LOUD Crowd® training course in order to receive ASHA CEUs. Partial CEU credit will not be awarded.

This course is offered for 1.0 ASHA CEUs.
(Intermediate level, Professional area)


Parkinson Voice Project developed the SPEAK OUT!® and LOUD Crowd® treatment protocols. Individuals who take this training should be advised that this course will only address Parkinson Voice Project’s two-part therapy approach.

Samantha Elandary, MA, CCC-SLP
     As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Parkinson Voice Project, Samantha Elandary has dedicated her career to preserving the voices of individuals with Parkinson’s disease and related neurological conditions. She has specialized in the evaluation and treatment of communication disorders associated with Parkinsonism for over twenty years and has a gift for educating patients, families, and healthcare professionals about the condition. Elandary believes that clinicians need the appropriate clinical skills and compassion to provide quality treatment, but that they must also adhere to business practices that promote cost effectiveness and efficiency. Under her leadership, Parkinson Voice Project developed an effective two-part therapy approach to treating Parkinson’s: SPEAK OUT!® followed by The LOUD Crowd®.
     Since 2008, Parkinson Voice Project has successfully provided all of its therapy services through donations and the "Pay It Forward" concept. With this unique funding model, no patient has ever been denied treatment due to insurance or financial limitations.
Relevant Financial Relationship: Receives a salary as an employee of Parkinson Voice Project
Relevant Nonfinancial Relationship: Volunteer member of Parkinson Voice Project’s Board of Directors

Jennifer Cody, MS, CCC-SLP
Jennifer Cody has specialized in the treatment of Parkinson’s-related speech disorders for most of her career as a speech-language pathologist and has been with Parkinson Voice Project since 2009. She received her BA in anthropology from the University of Oklahoma and her MS in communication disorders from the University of Texas at Dallas. As the Clinical Supervisor, Jennifer leads a clinical team that specializes in helping people with Parkinson's regain and maintain their ability to speak through SPEAK OUT! and The LOUD Crowd. She has presented posters and oral sessions at the annual conferences of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and Texas Speech-Language-Hearing Association about deep brain stimulation, neurogenic stuttering in Parkinson’s disease, and the implementation of group maintenance therapy for people with Parkinson’s. She was an invited speaker at the World Parkinson Congress in Kyoto in June 2019. Jennifer also provides continuing professional education to speech-language pathologists as a clinical instructor for the SPEAK OUT! and LOUD Crowd Workshop.
Relevant Financial Relationship: Receives a salary as an employee of Parkinson Voice Project 
Relevant Nonfinancial Relationship: None

Alison Behrman, PhD, CCC-SLP
Alison Behrman is a faculty member in the Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences at Lehman College/City University of New York, where she teaches courses in speech science, anatomy and physiology, neuroanatomy, motor speech disorders, voice disorders, and nonnative accents. She received her MA in speech-language pathology from New York University, and her PhD in speech physiology from Columbia University. Behrman has ongoing research projects in voice disorders and accent management, with publications in national and international peer-reviewed journals of speech pathology, speech science, linguistics, and otolaryngology. She has been the Principal Investigator of a National Institutes of Health grant exploring outcomes of voice therapy for patients with benign vocal fold lesions, and a recipient of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Foundation’s 2016 Clinical Research Grant to examine the effects of the use of clear speech by Spanish-accented speakers of American English.
Relevant Financial Relationship: Receives an honorarium and travel expenses 
Relevant Nonfinancial Relationship: Volunteer member of Parkinson Voice Project’s Medical Advisory Board


8:00am–8:30am Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:30am-9:15am Welcome
          Two-Part Therapy Approach
          Pay It Forward

9:15am–10:15am Neurophysiology, Motor Learning, and Speaking with INTENT
             Pre-/Post-Treatment Video Demonstration

10:15am–10:30am Break

10:30am–12:00pm Initial Speech Evaluation
               SPEAK OUT!® Stimulability Testing
               Parkinson's Information Session

12:00pm–1:30pm Lunch on Your Own

1:30pm–3:00pm SPEAK OUT!® Therapy Kit
            SPEAK OUT!® Therapy Components

3:00pm–3:15pm Break

3:15pm–4:00pm SPEAK OUT!® Documentation
           Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic Motivation

4:00pm–4:30pm SPEAK OUT!® Hands-On Practice


8:00am–8:30am Breakfast

8:30am–9:30am Research Evidence for SPEAK OUT!® and The LOUD Crowd®

9:30am–10:00am Video Presentation and Review

10:00am–11:00am Hands-On SPEAK OUT!® Practice with The LOUD Crowd®

11:00am–11:15am Break

11:15am–12:00pm LOUD Crowd® Demonstration and Panel Discussion

12:00pm–12:15pm Break

12:15pm–1:00pm Marketing Suggestions
             Summary and Q & A