Bartholomew Circle

In 2008, Bart and Joan Bartholomew made a major gift to Parkinson Voice Project, enabling the organization to implement its “Pay It Forward” funding model.  Since then, all therapy services have been provided at no cost, and no patient has been denied treatment due to insurance or financial limitations. 

Parkinson Voice Project is grateful to donors who recognize the organization in their estate plans or have created an endowment to ensure that future Parkinson’s patients will have the opportunity to restore their speaking abilities.  These donors are recognized through our “Bartholomew Circle.”   

Members of the Bartholomew Circle can select the purpose for which their charitable bequests will be designated:     

  1. Speech-Language Pathologist Endowment Fund: Gifts made to this fund cover the compensation for speech-language pathologists who have the clinical expertise to restore the speaking abilities of those living with Parkinson’s-related disorders.  

  2. LOUD Crowd® Endowment Fund:  Gifts made to this fund cover the expenses associated with our LOUD Crowd® program, such as speech therapy groups and singing groups. As this fund grows, the vision is to provide grants to other LOUD Crowd® programs throughout the United States who may need supplies or financial assistance. 

  3. Unrestricted Fund:  Unrestricted gifts enable the leadership to apply your donation to the area of the organization where it is most needed. 

Joan and Bart Bartholomew
Elizabeth Boeckman
Patricia and James Caggiano
Samantha Elandary
Ruth and Robert E. Glaze
Richard Hacker
Brigid and Clark Lund
Marian M. Pollock
Linda Swanson
Nancy T. Swenson
Susan Oliver Wilder
Frieda Wyatt