Samantha Elandary, MA, CCC-SLP

Founder and Chief Executive Officer 

Samantha Elandary is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Parkinson Voice Project. She holds a BA in communication disorders and English and holds an MA in speech-language pathology from the University of North Texas.

Since 1999, Samantha has worked exclusively with individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s and has devoted her career to making quality speech therapy accessible to this patient population.

Early in her career, Elandary recognized the need for people with Parkinson’s to receive continuous speech therapy and to engage in daily home practice.  With these tools, along with compassion and encouragement, people with Parkinson’s could maintain their speaking abilities and minimize future swallowing complications.  But, Medicare restrictions were standing in the way.

She created “The LOUD Crowd®,” a maintenance program consisting of speech and singing groups that also served as a support system for her patients and their families.  The LOUD Crowd initially met at Elandary’s home.  In 2005, she founded “Parkinson Voice Project,” a nonprofit speech therapy clinic solely dedicated to helping people with Parkinson’s preserve their speech and communication. Since 2008, this clinic has not billed insurance or charged for its speech therapy services.  The program is funded through donations and the "Pay It Forward" system.

In 2010, Parkinson Voice Project developed a highly effective individual speech treatment for Parkinson’s called “SPEAK OUT!®” which was combined with the speech and singing groups to provide the best speech treatment to people with Parkinson’s. 

Two years later, Parkinson Voice Project began training speech-language pathologists in hospitals and universities across the globe in its two-part therapy program.  The vision of Parkinson Voice Project is to make its SPEAK OUT! & The LOUD Crowd program accessible to people with Parkinson’s worldwide.  The therapy program is now available in seven different languages... and counting!

During the pandemic, when Parkinson Voice Project was forced to shut down its clinic and group program, Elandary immediately transitioned its speech therapy program to a "telepractice." Surprisingly, this act accelerated Parkinson Voice Project's progress by an estimated ten years or more.  The clinic now conducts its speech therapy sessions online and is hosting online "SPEAK OUT! Home Practice Sessions" Monday thru Friday on its website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel.  Patients from across the U.S. and abroad can now complete their daily home practice with Parkinson Voice Project, even the homebound, those who do not drive, or those who live in rural areas.  There is still one big barrier to overcome, though. Parkinson Voice Project can only provide individual speech therapy in Texas due to speech pathology licensing rules...

In May 2022, Parkinson Voice Project launched its $20 Million Campaign To Reach America.  This project will replicate Parkinson Voice Project's FREE speech therapy program in 50 university speech therapy clinics across the United States (one in every state).  By doing this, every person with Parkinson's in America will have access to SPEAK OUT! & The LOUD Crowd.  To learn more about this Campaign, click here:

Many ask what motivated Samantha to start Parkinson Voice Project. While she does not have a family history of Parkinson’s, she was born with a cleft palate and struggled with her speech from childhood until she was a young professional. She understands how vulnerable someone who has a communication disorder feels and how other people judge a person’s intelligence and competence based on the ability to communicate. She considers it an honor and a privilege to help people with Parkinson’s regain one of God’s most precious gifts.

Samantha is licensed in the state of Texas and is an out-of-state telehealth provider for the state of Florida:

On a personal note, Samantha is married and has two children. She enjoys cooking Italian and Lebanese food and hosting dinner parties.