Live Your Best Life with Parkinson's

Lecture Description
Perseverance is a difficult concept to live out when one is faced with a lifetime of chronic, progressive illness. Yet, it is one of necessity to “Live Your Best.” Drawing on twenty-plus years of experience as a nurse, six-plus years living with Parkinson’s, and as the winner of the inaugural season of The Amazing Race Canada, Tim will explore how we can indeed persevere and win. In unpacking the “7 Skills” outlined in his upcoming book, Perseverance, listeners are empowered with tangible tools that will provide the strength to persevere.

Learner Outcomes:
  • • Describe the concept of perseverance as related to living with chronic illness.
  • • List three skills that will help those with Parkinson’s manage their condition and live their best.
  • • Describe how those in the medical profession can empower their patients to stay positive and persevere.

Tim Hague, Sr.

Financial Relationship: Received an honorarium for this lecture
Nonfinancial Relationship: None

Tim Hague, Sr., a registered nurse from Winnipeg, caught the Parkinson community’s attention after winning The Amazing Race Canada with his son, Tim Jr., in 2013. Hague, whose adopted father had Parkinson’s, was familiar with the disease when diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease at age 46. Since winning Canada’s Amazing Race, he has become a Parkinson's advocate, educator, and motivator. He spoke at the Opening Ceremony of the World Parkinson Congress in 2013 and three years later participated at the organization’s event as a panelist and faculty member. His emphasis on perseverance inspires audiences to “Live Your Best.” Hague’s advocacy extends beyond the Parkinson’s community as an ambassador for Compassion Canada, an organization that works to end child hunger and poverty.